World-class design and engineering excellence are the cornerstones of EDT’s business. Our design engineering staff has the proven skills and expertise to develop products that are tailored to meet and surpass the needs of our clients.
Underpinning EDTs design and engineering is our commitment to prototyping across all stages of product development from concept right through to production.


The Enigma 8×8 platform is an Armoured Modular Fighting Vehicle (AMFV), designed with the current and future combat landscapes in mind. It simultaneously combines high levels of protection and heavy weapon systems without compromising vehicle mobility. The Enigma AMFV will utilize UAE made armouring solutions to provide the highest levels of protection in a vehicle of its class, while still maintaining amphibious capability. The kitted Hull concept is the first of its kind on an 8×8 platform and allows for the vehicle to have unrivalled modularity.

The Mini-Jobaria project is a Multi Launch Rocket System (MLRS) designed to be integrated on the 6×6 Nimr platform. The MLRS has the capability to be interchangeable with 107mm, 120mm and 128mm rockets. The 107mm configuration can fire 48 rockets at a distance of 12+ km using a ‘Shoot and Scoot’ philosophy where it can fire, and relocate from the firing location, all within 2 minutes. 


Emirates Defense Technology was responsible for the design, engineering and production of the Nimr 1 and Nimr 2 variants. An initial order of 750 vehicles has been successfully delivered to both the UAE and Libya armed forces. Since delivery, there has been a strategic alliance with Tawazun to enhance development, innovation and opportunites.

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